Grieving for someone who is alive

Her smell, her embrace, her laugh, her seriousness, her favourite colour, her jewellery, our jokes, our late night sleep overs. I remember how much I loved her, how intensely I needed her acceptance, validation and her friendship. I remember making promises of a life time of friendship and jokes of being an “aunty” to her children. I remember how afraid I was of losing her… … Continue reading Grieving for someone who is alive

How to use Earthing

Earthing or otherwise know as grounding is a favourable strategy I use to minimise anxiety and dissociation. Evidence suggests that through grounding the Earth’s electrons are conducted to the human body, bringing it to the same electric potential as the earth. I believe that the earth has healing potential and as research suggests can shift the body from a sympathetic to parasympathetic state (relaxes us). … Continue reading How to use Earthing

I Should Be Better by Now…They Said

I should be better by now, that’s what they said. (Trigger Warning) An important part of a conversation I had yesterday with my psychologist. Me: They said I would be better now, they said that this would pass. That happier times would come. I’ve been living like this since I can remember. I’ve been in and out of hospital for years. Everyday I’m in so … Continue reading I Should Be Better by Now…They Said

From dependant to independent – Creating your own Identity

It’s time to go it alone – strategies to go from co-dependence to independence My whole life I’ve wanted connections. To be liked. To be someone’s best friend and to never be alone. The danger with this is that I’ve moved from one dependant relationship to another dependent relationship my whole life. Never having my own identity. For a year now I’ve been mourning the … Continue reading From dependant to independent – Creating your own Identity


Driving is a such an important task for live a life connected to the community. However it requires a lot of energy, concentration, planning and mutitasking. Things that people with mental health conditions struggle with. Here are some strategies I have used to help me get back into driving, and also manage my impulsive behaviours. First getting back into driving. ✅ Supervision first. My husband started … Continue reading DRIVING, SAFETY AND SELF HARM 

What we are not

My first exposure to BPD was on a mental health placement in first year. Totally unaware of BPD I was scared and confused. I was informed that this client was “difficult and challenging” afraid that I would say something wrong I maintained my distance and judgment. Now after being diagnosed with BPD, I have had OTs and other health professionals (unaware of my diagnosis) complain … Continue reading What we are not