I hate you don’t leave me 💔

People with BPD often have a entangled and confused identities. We become so attached to others in a hope that if we dig our claws in deeper enough that person won’t leave us. We believe that this person will fulfil every possible purpose and they will be our saviour. Our rescue boat and captain. So we sacrifice ourselves just to keep someone close. Our time, money, … Continue reading I hate you don’t leave me 💔

I have Borderline. Hear me ROAR

So today for the first time I shared briefly to my third years I have Borderline. We were discussing how violence and trauma can present itself in multiple ways and result in mental illness, drug use, self harm and alcohol misuse … They already know I am a mental health advocate. And who knows! some might be following me on here. But A room full … Continue reading I have Borderline. Hear me ROAR

11 steps towards accepting your Mental illness

I often get asked, “how did you accept that you have BPD?”. There is no simple answer to this as everyone’s life history and values are different. However, through reflecting there are some things that I know that has helped me accept that I have this chronic illness. The Past:When my doctor first suggested the term out depression I freaked. I thought no, he is … Continue reading 11 steps towards accepting your Mental illness

What we are not

My first exposure to BPD was on a mental health placement in first year. Totally unaware of BPD I was scared and confused. I was informed that this client was “difficult and challenging” afraid that I would say something wrong I maintained my distance and judgment. Now after being diagnosed with BPD, I have had OTs and other health professionals (unaware of my diagnosis) complain … Continue reading What we are not