How to be friends with a borderline

Today on my newsfeed was an image about International Friendship Day. Only several hours before I had been writing a letter to a friend explaining how they had hurt me. A letter that was written for therapeutic reasons, rather than the intention of sending it. After seeing this message regarding International Friendship Day I broke down. Here I was writing about ending a friendship on … Continue reading How to be friends with a borderline


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Activities to do when you are angry

Anger is a valid and vital emotion for looking after ourselves. It lets us know that we have been hurt, our boundaries have not been respected or our needs have not been met. Anger is also a common symptom of experiencing trauma, feeling invalidated and misheard. It is important that we learn how to release our anger safely and effectively. For some of us, this … Continue reading Activities to do when you are angry

Join Now: Students

Evidenced based blogs on the most effective treatment approaches for working in mental health100+ blogs25 000 viewers Let us know what you want to learn about! Develop skills into working with various mental health conditions Develop knowledge in preparation for placement experiences Support and advice for looking after your own mental well-being Advice on how to get the most out of your placement experiences Learn … Continue reading Join Now: Students

Helpful tips for exercising when depressed

During my low periods exercising, particularly in winter is exceptionally hard. If you are like me, my ideal exercise routine involves exercising inside where no one sees or hear me. Perhaps you are like me and you are experiencing back pain, or maybe another disability or added pressures of caring for another…lets be honest, exercising is hard.Unfortunately, lack of exercise places people with mental illness … Continue reading Helpful tips for exercising when depressed