Mental illness and the Weather – Coping with the changes

The weather is a common trigger for people with mental health difficulties. For some, summer can be really tough as it means wearing short sleeves, or overheating in long ones; it means more social activities, and longer days. For some, winter is really tough. I know my mental health is worse in winter; I feel trapped by the snow, the cold makes my scars hurt, … Continue reading Mental illness and the Weather – Coping with the changes

Tattoos: turning something I find ugly into something beautiful

Trigger warning: references to self-harm Do you have any tattoos? If so, what meaning does the art have for you? People with BPD are often highly sensitive and empathetic, a raw nerve with no emotional skin. Tattoos are a visceral experience of having your physical skin transformed and strengthened with body art.

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Physical Activity Tip 1

Something I’m not great at is looking after is my physical health. It’s like my mental health has completely consumed the energy I have to look after my physical well-being. But as Ozias shared the two are not isolated and greatly influence each other.
So if you’re like me I hope to journey with you. I’ll be posting some of my physical workouts and my meals. Continue reading Physical Activity Tip 1

Body Confidence with a mental illness

Written by an Occupational Therapy Student at UniSA 💪🏼 Mental illness does not discriminate. It comes in all stripes, colours, backgrounds and yes, body shapes. Weight management is often a key goal for those using medication to manage their illness. Ahelpful strategy is to reframe your thinking and shift your focus to body confidence. Evidence suggests that internalised stigma, or negative self-talk and personal adoption of … Continue reading Body Confidence with a mental illness

How to use Earthing

Earthing or otherwise know as grounding is a favourable strategy I use to minimise anxiety and dissociation. Evidence suggests that through grounding the Earth’s electrons are conducted to the human body, bringing it to the same electric potential as the earth. I believe that the earth has healing potential and as research suggests can shift the body from a sympathetic to parasympathetic state (relaxes us). … Continue reading How to use Earthing


Driving is a such an important task for live a life connected to the community. However it requires a lot of energy, concentration, planning and mutitasking. Things that people with mental health conditions struggle with. Here are some strategies I have used to help me get back into driving, and also manage my impulsive behaviours. First getting back into driving. ✅ Supervision first. My husband started … Continue reading DRIVING, SAFETY AND SELF HARM