About OT for BPD

OT for BPD is a team of occupational therapists dedicated to raising awareness and tackling the stigma associated with borderline personality disorder (BPD) and other mental health conditions.

OT for BPD was developed after my (Laura’s) experience of being a health professional with BPD. During my journey through the health care system I recognised the unmet needs, the poor treatment and stigma people with BPD experience. Spurred on by my loved ones, I developed a project that could support consumers, assist therapists and help the community to learn about BPD.

Our Dream

To ensure that all people with borderline personality disorder are provided the most effective, sensitive and evidenced based treatment available
To eradicate the stigma that exists that comes with a BPD diagnosis
To raise awareness of the lived experience of BPD and other mental health conditions.

What People Say

A very helpful page sharing honest perspective and experiences of a life lived with BPD. I have gained understanding and ideas for OT treatment and for my own life. The way to get


A wonderful forum for raising awareness and dispelling the awful stigma that often comes with this diagnosis 


Such an amazing, honest and informative page. This is an absolutely amazing community.


Let’s Create Change Together.