The Scar Movement

It’s time to wear our scars

This weekend I did something I haven’t done before. Instead of hiding and being ashamed of my scars. I chose to wear them rather than them wearing me. I wore a dress, went swimming and didn’t hide them.

It was so liberating to just bemy whole self. 
We sing about battle scars and the courage to gothrough dark places but then we hide these scars because we are afraid theworld won’t accept us, or misunderstand us.

So my challenge for you if you can…take the courage…post a photo of your scar. Maybe it’s a surgical scar, an injury or self-harm scar, or a fall you had as a child.

We all have them. Let’s not be afraid to share our true selves, let’s support each other. So please post a photo then share this post. The more photos the more we can reduce the power that these scars hold over us. If you would like to post a photo anonymously please send them to me and I’ll post on your behalf 

Until then… Have a day,   

Love Laura

Founder of OT for BPD

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