Discriminating group therapy leader

I find it so frustrating when people compare their mental illness to BPD like we are in different classes. Arnt, we are all mentally unwell?

When you are in groups and someone talks about BPD and the comments are 
“oh people with BPD they are so mentally ill, you can’t reason with them.” 
“They are manipulative, they don’t want to get better or care about others.”

Me thinking- Hmm if only you knew… lol aren’t we are all in groups together lol… now, this is a really safe place to share.

If you are a mental health group leader it is NOT okay to let other patients talk about other illnesses in a negative way.

THAT is discrimination.

Stunning photo credit: ivoo

Until then… Have a day,   

Love Laura

Founder of OT for BPD

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